Architecture, Urban Morphology/Morphogenesis, Project

Joint research Unit (Research group EA 7309) specialized in  architectural design, urban projects and the democratization of social and technical competencies .
Multidisciplinary team : composed of architects, anthropologists, artists, geographers, historians, landscape architects, philosophers, social psychologists, sociologists and urban planners who develop Research in Architecture and Urbanism.
Research programmes which take into account the sustainable development and climate change  issues, both at the architectural and the metropolitan areas and cross-border cultures scale.


Research Programmes

SuMo Rhine Sustainable mobilities program focuses on development
sustainable cross-border transport systems.

The DUNE EOLE project aims to develop monofunctional physical spaces, in order to make them more modular and flexible, in the field of education: evolution of teaching practices and need to adapt learning places to these new modes of teachings.

POPSU program * Metropolises "the metropolis and others" centered on the theme of "Strasbourg, port metropolis: interfaces and territorial interactions".
* POPSU: Observation Platform for Urban Projects and Strategies

The publications