Séminaire international : Tourisme et mobilités

Jeudi 12 juillet 2018

Séminaire international : Tourisme et mobilités

Les 12 et 13 juillet

A l'ENSA Versailles

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Le troisième séminaire de recherche internationale se tiendra les 12 et 13 juillet prochains à l'ENSA Versailles sur les thématiques du tourisme et des mobilités. Ce séminaire est organisé en collaboration avec La chaire Franco-Chinoise et le laboratoire AMUP.

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Résumé (anglais) :

Nowadays, the relationship between tourism and mobility seems torn between two opposite views: on one side, it is seen as a perverse effect of globalization, generating an “impossible voyage" by favouring consumerist tourism (Augé, 1997); on the other, it appears as an opportunity to rethink the everyday life of territories which, through the eyes of travellers, become territories of voyage. Either way, the meeting between high speed and slow mobility induces new ways to perceive, practice and redesign cities and territories of tourism. This Seminar seeks to question the link between tourism and mobility through the lens of this renewal by exploring a wider range of possible inflections, between its positive and negative connotations.