logo VENISE Vecteur air pour une conception ou rénovation optimisée des bâtiments nzeb



Funding: ANR in the context of the Sustainable Cities and Buildings Programme 
Project coordinator : LaSIE - Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Ingénieur pour l’Environnement, joint research unit La Rochelle University / CNRS (FRE-CNRS 3474).
Partners: EDF R&D, CSTB, CETE de l’Ouest, ENSAS.
AMUP members partners : E. Dufrasnes and E. Ballot, BETEM, HPC SA.


VENISE - VEcteur air pour une coNception ou rénovatIon optimiSée des bâtiments nZEB (bâtiment à énergie positive- 2013-2017
VENISE is an ANR given to the AMUP Laboratory in 2013. The aim is to develop a new approach of designing, based on a multi-criteria optimization methodology of global energy solutions, adapted to the building sector and enabling to extend the range of technical solutions to answer the energy performance requirements of the Positive Energy (BEPOS) and nZEB buildings.  The consortium is composed of a university laboratory, an industrial laboratory, two study centres, a design department, an industrialist and an architect who all have skills in buildings energy saving.
The project is divided in 7 tasks : 
  • Task 1 : State of the art.
  • Task 2 : establish the specification.
  • Task 3 : modelliing systems/functions/sensitivity analysis.
  • Task 4 : Optimization.
  • Task 5 : Experiment specification.
  • Task 6 : Experiment.
  • Task 7 : Dissemination.

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