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Doctoral students Research training

The AMUP Team conducts research training for doctoral students in architecture, urban planning and urban sociology, both in Strasbourg (ENSAS, INSA and Misha) and in the Ile-de-France area (EHESS, CNAM, ENSA Paris-la-Villette, MSH Paris Nord). In these two sites, the team holds seminars and study days for doctoral students that deal with the links between architecture, humanities and social sciences . The preparation to be admitted to a doctoral degree in urban planning is also provided by the methodological supervision seminars of the ASPU Research Master.

The AMUP team also welcomes European doctoral students in the context of research residencies in landscaping and urban planning. Several international joint theses supervisions have been conducted and are currently going on. The doctoral students take part in the response to calls for research projects (contracts with BRAUP/MCC, PUCA, MEEDDM, ANR programme, SECIF-climate services to french industrial groups), and in studies commissioned by public and private partners (City of Strasbourg, Athenes planning agency, ADEME, AFNOR).

One of the results of the first residential seminar in Bâle has been the creation of the AMUP “Concepts en Action” seminars multi-year cycle, that is proposed and coordinated alternately by different researchers to exchange ideas around major concepts. The aim of the seminar was to reflect on how a concept gets clarified and relevant in the researchers’ approaches. Each meeting is prepared by a small group that has the initiative on its structure and will draft a synthesis. They can possibly invite an external researcher. This group includes at least one doctoral student.

The AMUP doctoral students are all attached to the “Humanities and Social Sciences - European Perspectives” Doctoral school, ED519 of the University of Strasbourg.

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Doctoral seminars 

  • Ethics and aesthetics of the metropolitan human cycle, (D. Payot and C. Mazzoni). Sociologies and Architecture cycle, (M. Blanc and V. Lebois).
  • Winter University for doctoral students, organised by the AMUP doctoral students (F. Rudolf).
  • Doctoral students symposium, organised by the AMUP doctoral students (F. Rudolf).
  • AMUP website update (D.Bocquet).
  • EHESS, “Cities, Capitals, Metropolises” cycle, (Y.Tsiomis and C. Mazzoni)
  • MSH Paris Nord cycle : Cities and sustainable development (F. Rudolf and S. Villette).

AMUP collegial seminar Concepts en action

  • Compare and exchange perspectives : relations, interferences, liminality , Volker Ziegler, Marie-Christine Welsch, Tiam Sharifi, guest expert Andrée Tabouret-Keller linguist and psychologist, 5th June 2014.
  • Identities, heritages, memories - 1st part , Barbara Morovich, Tiam Sharifi, Marie-Christine Welsch, 25th September 2014. 
  • Identities, memories, stories, imaginary - 2nd part , Bruno Steiner, Roberta Borghi, guest expert Pauline Guinard, MCF ENS Paris (LAVUE - Mosaïques), 20th November 2014. Coordination : B. Morovich.
  • Energy and Transition , Florence Rudolf, guest expert Catherine Darrot, 11th December 2014. - Structure(s), René Tabouret, Akio Sassa, 15th January 2015.
  • Energy and Transition, Emmanuel Ballot, Emmanuel Dufrasnes, guest expert : Isabelle Prignot, La Cambre University (Florence Rudolf), 5th March 2015.
  • Atmospheres, Valérie Lebois, guest expert Patrick Romieu, Cresson laboratory, ENSA Grenoble, 8th April 2015.



  • Franco-German Double Master Architecture and Urban Project in the Euroregions, ENSAS-KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) : D. Neidlinger. V. Ziegler coordinators.
  • Franco-Chinese Double Master Architecture and Urban planning and design, ENSAS- CAUP/Tongji : C. Mazzoni, V. Lebois coordinators
  • In the Franco-Chinese Double Master Architecture and Urban planning and design, ENSAS- CAUP/Tongji, creation of the International workshop Shanghai and Asian Metropolises, Tongji University, C. Mazzoni and Jian Zhuo coordinators.
  • Teaching on the energy performance of buildings carried out with the engineering school ECAM Strasbourg-Europe. This teaching is provided on the ECAM side by G.Chabrol, expert in condensed matter physics and photonics, and on the AMUP side by E.Ballot, expert in climate engineering and renewable energy, and E.Dufrasnes, expert in sustainable engineering of buildings and territories.
  • LLP Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) Cities of Art and Tourism, approved by the European Community, with Venise IUAV, the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, , Faculty of Architecture of the University of Liège. 2014-2016 : C. Mazzoni, R. Borghi, L. d’Emilio, I. Sartoretti.



  • Research Master Architecture, Structures and Urban Projects  - ASPU ENSAS/INSA Strasbourg, specialization of the UdS Urbanism and planning : G. Desmarais, C. Mazzoni coordinators.
  • Master cycle ENSAS, formation Architecture, City and Territory, seminars, supervision of the Master theses and the final studies projects.
  • Master cycle INSA Strasbourg, formation Architecture , seminars, supervision of the Master theses and the final studies projects.



  • E. Ballot, workshops of experimental projects relating to the calculation of the energy performance of buildings, and how they accord with the “sustainable neighbourhoods”. Master cycle ENSAS, 2014-2016.
  • C. Mazzoni, Innovative Metropolitan Mobility, conception and coordination of FabLab inter-actors of 4 days, in the context of the Innovative Metropolitan Mobilities Research Chair (ENSAS-CAUP/Tongji-SYSTRA), with Jian Zhuo and Jean-Daniel Kuhn, Gabrielle Richard and Marjorie Priou assistants, Strasbourg and Shanghai October 2013, Shanghai October 2014, Nanjing October 2015. The results of the first Fablabs and of the works of the Chair are under publication.
  • C. Mazzoni, Large Scale & Architecture, conception and coordination of workshops relating to projects and the large-scale representation of the City , with Andreea Grigorovschi, Julie Robin and Fan Lang, Lionel Debus, Urban Planning Department Tongji University, Shanghai, November 2011, March 2013, March 2014, March 2015, March 2016. The research and teaching outcomes are under publication.
  • C. Mazzoni, Shanghai : Mobility/Intimity, catalogue and exhibition relating to the results of the first workshop Large Scale & Architecture in Tongji University, Shanghai, Andreea Grigorovschi and Julie Robin assistants, ENSA Strasbourg between 30th November 2011 and 15th December 2012.
  • C. Mazzoni, Metropolises & Architecture, catalogue and exhibition of the results of the workshops, seminars, Master and Doctorate theses workshops conducted between 2009 and 2014 to prepare the Franco-Chinese Double Master in architecture and urban planning, ENSAS July 2014, Tongji University, Central Library October 2014.
  • C. Mazzoni, Strasbourg-Shanghai in mirror, travelling exhibition of the results of the Master ASPU and ENSA Strasbourg Master 1 and 2 seminars, with Andreea Grigorovschi and Julie Robin, UdS January 2012, CAUE Bas Rhin July 2012, Maison de l’Architecture Alsace October 2012.
  • B. Morovich, Franco-Argentinian Workshop in Buenos AiresUrban Memories, project process and art in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture and the Buenos Aires Association of Architects. Exhibitions, seminars, conferences (2014-16).
  • M. Muller and K. Fleith, teaching on the mud-brick structure, organization of conferences and events around the earth material and construction of a small mud-brick work. Master cycle ENSAS, 2013-2016.
  • S. Varano, Parametric modeling as assistance in the design and management of sustainable architecture and Urban planning. This work aims at defining new assistance tools to design sustainable and carbon-free cities, and to manage urban planning. It is part of an education strategy aiming at bringing together Research and Teaching. It contributes to the implementation of innovative pedagogical practices, for instance in the Master 1 ENSAS Workshop Complex densities . 2011-2016.
  • V. Ziegler, Exhibition Architecture and Urban planning International Workshops Strasbourg-Kayseri (Strasbourg City Hall, 5/2013), in partnership with the Cities and Architecture schools of Strasbourg and Kayseri, with the organization of two pedagogic workshops on site (Master cycle ENSAS), Curator of the exhibition and catalogue’s editor, March-May 2013.
  • Educational handbook: S. Varano, O. Lehmann, J.-P. Wetzel, SketchUp for architects, Eyrolles Editions, 2014.