Previous Research Programs

VENICE - VEctor air for an optimiSed coNception or renovation of nZEB buildings (positive energy building) - 2013-2017

Sustainability research cluster (2016-2018)

Program of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (2011-2014)

Observation platform for urban projects and strategies

The objective of the Xu Guangqi programme is to support cooperation between French and Chinese researchers.

Setting up European and International Scientific Networks

Thinking the contemporary city

Project direction : NOBATEK Technological Centre

Development of the NEST-TERR urban sustainability assessment tool at the territory level

Architecture in search of the territory in motion, BRAUP (2012-2013)

Benchmarking of the different tools or methods relating to the sustainable development of a neighbourhood or eco-neighbourhood in order to establish a common reference base.

The Clim’Ability project, officially started on 1st January 2016, aims at assisting the Upper Rhine firms in the climatic changes.

MERUBBI Methods of Exploitation of the Useful Resources of the Bioclimatic Building in its Block (2014-2018)