POPSU 2 Program

Programme POPSU 2, Platform for Observation of Urban Projects and Strategies (2011-2013)

Project initiator: C.Mazzoni. Funding: Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Energy and the Ministry of Culture and Communication - MEDDE. AMUP team members: A. Amat, R. Borghi, A. Grigorovschi, L. d'Emilio, V. Lebois, J.-A. Héraud, C. Mazzoni, F. Nowakowsky, B. Morovich, F. Rudolf, V. Ziegler.

POPSU brings together the expertise of local actors and the knowledge of the research community to better understand the issues and changes in urbanised areas. Within the framework of the AMUP, the project concerns Strasbourg: local democracy to build a sustainable metropolis.