Scientific director : F. Rudolf, 2016-2018.

Partners: Météo-France, CCI, DWD Fribourg-en-Brisgau University, Coblence-Landau University, Bâle University, Lausanne University. 



The Clim’Ability project, officially started on 1st January 2016, aims at assisting the Upper Rhine firms in the climatic changes. The project is developed by the INSA Strasbourg, and follows the  ANR SECIF Programme (climate services for French industries) in the context of the Interreg V A “Upper Rhine” programme. 

The objectives of Clim’Ability are to identify the vulnerabilities of the Upper Rhine firms, to develop strategies adapted to these vulnerabilities and to support firms by providing tailored information on managing risks and opportunities and the construction of new innovative markets, and perpetuate a network of experts in climate change in the Upper Rhine. The Programme offers a self-diagnosis tool to help the firms to understand the risks and needs by relaying a set of good practices.

In this context, a 3-year doctoral contract was established for the doctoral student Alexandre Kudriavtsev who works on a monograph on the specific nature of the Rhine Region firms and on the Rhine regarding the environment and climate change. The fieldwork consists in organizing a multi-stakeholder program of investigation. It will combine different methodological approaches (discussions with some firms and creation of questionnaires). A post-doctoral contract of 30 months has been established on 1st July 2016 in the CCI. This contract is allotted to animate the industrial environment on the Upper Rhine scale when it comes to energy, post-carbon economy and climate change.  

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