Thematic Academic Network ARCHES

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The ARCHES network is a thematic academic network that aim at generating breakthrough innovations and knowledge by experimenting in extreme conditions (space, undersea universe, desert,...).
The first goal of this network is to gather and revisit utopist and ongoing projects (from the SeaOrbiter of Jacques Rougerie to the International Space Station) in a complete state of the art to prove that a utopist approach can generate innovation and help designing the future
of buildings and cities.

The network is multidisciplinary and prospective in order to put together complementary skills and know-how for architectural innovation. The second goal of the network is the creation of an excellence hub to boost open innovation, knowledge and technologies transfert between scientific fields that were not destined to work together. By the junction ofdifferent fields of skills, the federation of existing players and the reinforcement of existing isolated partnerships, the plateform of exchange that is our network will develop technical solutions, methodologies and tools to design architectures adapted to extreme conditions. Finally, the third goal consists in giving more visibility to educational and research projects that allow us to experiment on different extreme conditions. These projects are used to promote research and help designing prototypes.

By working to meet the nowadays and future challenges of buildings and cities, the “ARCHES” network hope to gather unique skills on a national scale and become a european reference for scientific ressources on architectures in extreme conditions.

For more information, visit the website of the ARCHES Network.