Research focuses

The scientific programme of the AMUP Laboratory pays particular attention to ideas, theories and urban and metropolitan schemes relevant for architecture, social sciences and engineering sciences. . It aims at making the dynamics of the transformation of urban areas, their spatial forms, urban cultures, lifestyles and social practices intelligible to the architectural and urban design with which they are associated. It explores the different types of urbanity as reflected in habitat and areas of mobility. It also pays special attention to social and technical infrastructures and to communication, mobility and energy accessibility.  

Three research focuses have been defined in a collegial manner and have been resolutely carried out by the directors Cristiana Mazzoni and Florence Rudolf.. Two themes run across these three research focuses : The Europe Crossborder and Art in the city . The cross-border culture project is considered with regard to intercultural relations between France and Germany, France and Switzerland and Italy. The theme of economy, creativity and the place of artists and cultural associations in current project procedures applies to the analysis of current metropolitan contexts and to the socio-spatial systems therein.